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Google Affiliate Network Finally Releases API

Submitted by on December 16, 2011 – 3:28 pm2 Comments

Late, very late, to the party, Google Affiliate Network finally announced the release of its affiliate API for publishers and advertisers.  While most other major networks such as Commission Junction, LinkShare and ShareASale have had similar API offerings for years already, I’m still excited that GAN is moving in the right direction.

The API is currently accessible directly in the Google API Console, so it is super easy to get started with.


Publishers will benefit from the ability to look up Advertisers as well as access order and lead transactions.  The Event and Order Details lookup will probably be most useful feature (at least initially) because of the rich data that can be retrieved.

From PerformanceInsider:

Events data is also available, through the API. For affiliates that prefer to manage all of their earnings reporting, within their own internal reporting system, getting access to this data will prove invaluable. The granularity of event reporting data is impressive. Data can now be pulled all the way down to the SKU level, if part of the advertiser’s program. The API release should save Google affiliates a lot of administrative and reporting time, allowing them to redeploy resources back into revenue-generating activities.

Advertisers will also benefit with the Publisher lookup feature.

Still product search capability or integration with the Google Search API for Shopping is no where to be found.

Access to Advertisers’ promotional offerings via the API would also be nice feature.  Currently GAN still offers a daily promotional feed called OrangeLinks (from the Performics days) via FTP or E-Mail, but nothing in this version of the API.

Documentation for the API can be found here.

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