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Top 100 Most Commonly Used Coupon Code Phrases

Submitted by on December 7, 2011 – 8:53 pm2 Comments

We see some interesting data in the coupon space coming from CouponFollow.  I noticed an influx of coupon codes for the term “XMAS” recently, and it got me wondering, what are common terms retailers are using for their promotion codes.  This is the top 100 most commonly coupon code phrases tracked by CouponFollow since 2009.  These are the actual terms you consumers would use in the coupon code box during the checkout process.  Note that data is heavily geared towards coupons found used on social media channels, namely Twitter.


That being said, it is no surprise that at #1 is “twitter” well ahead of all the other phrases.  Over 2,500 different e-commerce websites have used the term since late 2009 to offer discounts on their goods or services to consumers.  The phrase “FREESHIP” came in at #2 and was the most common term used to get Free Shipping.  What was a bit surprising was that the code “blackfriday” ranked all the way up at #3, above both “tweet” (#4) and facebook (#8), and “CYBERMONDAY” (#9) which also made the top ten.  Black Friday, arguably thought to be the official start of the holiday season, has traditionally been known more for its in-store brick-n-mortar savings, but each year is becoming more of an online sales day as well.  The list is also filled with many other holiday related terms such as “EASTER” (#53) and GOBBLE (#99).  The term “XMAS” (#50) came in midway down the list, just after “MOM” (#49). Note that the phrase “MOM” ranked well ahead of “DAD” (#85), obviously showcasing who is more important to shop for (just kidding Dads!). 

Altogether there were about 8 different social media related coupon code phrases in the top 100: twitter, TWEET, twit20, facebook, TWEET10, twitter20, TWEET20, and TWIT.  If you are checking out at an online website this holiday season and can’t find a coupon code, tryingtwitter” might be worth a shot!

You can download the full list as a PDF here.

CouponFollow is our social media based coupon code search engine and directory mashup, which utilizes the Twitter API.

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  • Daniel Young

    thank you admin for the great help to recognize the genuine and fake coupons….

  • Nelson Johon

    thanks for sharing these pharases

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