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Submitted by on October 6, 2006 – 12:21 amNo Comment

MMG WeeklyEarlier this week was featured in The Mortgage Market Guide weekly. This newsletter goes out to thousands of people involved in the Mortgage and Real Estate industry. It was very interesting and exciting to find our site popup in this newsletter deemed as a money saving tool.
Here is a blip from the article:

“But what if you could buy online, knowing that you got a good deal on the item…without having to invest hours of your valuable time pounding the streets, or surfing all over the internet to ensure the lowest price?

Well, wish no more.

Check out, loaded with special coupons and discounts for many popular online stores, such as Amazon, Brookstone and Sharper Image. Ever buy at Office Depot, Gap or Circuit City? The website is loaded with savings for all these companies – most of which are discounts on any purchase you make, not just for one particular item they are trying to get rid of. It’s like having a personal “cyber shopper” that goes out and does the bargain shopping for you – it saves you time and money too.”

You can read the full article here.

One point mentioned was our No Advertisement policy. It is great to see people recognize and appreciate a site safe of spyware, popups and distracting advertisements. It is a trade-off between additional revenue and customer satisifaction.

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