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Submitted by on September 6, 2006 – 9:41 am6 Comments - Shop recently released Shop Widgets (aka ShopAds) to its partner network. These are essentially product-focused banner advertisements that deliver product and pricing information to the end-user. They differ from Chitika eMinimalls in that they are non-contextual. It is up to the publisher to supply the keywords or category, whether it be input dynamically (scripting) or manually.

The benefit of using these over Chitika eMinimalls is that you will receive 100% of the revenue you generate as opposed to 65% that Chitika gives you. However, it will take some added work to show relevant ads since you lose the contextual portion.

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  • Bob

    Maybe I’m missing something. I’ve been using the API for quite some time. I’ve also done limited testing of their ShopAds. In addition, I have a Chitika account. I get paid the exact same amount from for a click on a particular store offer as I do from Chitika. I’ve tested this quite extensively because I thought for sure I would make more going straight to the API. Any thoughts?

  • Marc Mezzacca

    Interesting point Bob. It maybe that Chitika has a different arrangment (revenue share) with than you, because of the large volume of leads they produce.

  • Bob

    In fact, I setup a API account precisely for that reason…. to bypass Chitika. I figured for the short time it would take for me to interface with the API I could be receiving more money ($1.00 for example rather than $0.54). But that didn’t happen.

    I wonder if anybody else who has used both Chitika and the API directly has experienced the same thing.

  • Marc Mezzacca

    Did you notice the higher CPC on both Unaudited and Audited revenues?

  • Bob

    Audited versus unaudited CPC was virtually the same.

  • Sourabh Niyogi

    Has anyone gotten a response from Adsense on whether putting in sw.keyword parameters *based on the page content* is a violation of Adsense policy?

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