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Google Checkout: Blogosphere Fever and Top 10 Posts Roundup

Submitted by on June 29, 2006 – 4:19 pm3 Comments

Today I was busy all morning and most of the afternoon was spent on the road so I didn’t have time to browse the Web. Please forgive me, what was I thinking? When I finally hit up my computer, I quickly realized Google launched its new service… So naturally I started to look look into. Hmm, I thought, maybe I’ll write an entry about it… That’s when I realized (with Technorati having new posts tagged “Google Checkout” occuring every 5 to 10 minutes or so) in about 6 hours I had missed hundreds of blog posts. Seriously, its crazy.  Anyhow, it is very interesting to note the widespread perspectives seen across the blogosphere.

Here are 10 selected articles and the basic perspective from it about Google Checkout:

  1. The New York Times – Google Aims to Speed the Online Checkout Line
    “For merchants, one concern is whether Google’s system, which is unfamiliar to users, will reduce the number of people who complete purchases on their sites, a measure known as the conversion rate.”

  2. TechCrunch – Google Checkout offers low-cost transactions for sellers; what’s in it for me?
    “I like having a store of money in my PayPal account and automating monthly subscription payments. Neither of these appear to be an option with Google Checkout. I don’t know why I’d use Google Checkout over PayPal if I had a choice, and if I don’t have a choice I’m liable to resent it. Maybe someday all this data on my shopping habits will be used to better serve ads I’m interested in via Minority Report type billboards, Google style. I don’t know.”

  3. ReveNews – Google Checkout Steps Up To the Plate
    “So, it all boils down to more advertising spending on Google AdWords, by affiliates as they get squeezed out more by Google, and from merchants because they may actually save money by doing it. Sounds like a win-win for Google.”
  4. Mashable – Google Checkout Isn’t a Paypal Killer
    “All in all, it’s a smart play, but not the person-to-person Paypal killer some of us were hoping for. At least, not yet.”
  5. Search Engine Watch – Google Launches Checkout, not the Rumored GBuy
    “For now, using Google Checkout will be a no-brainer for smaller merchants with limited budgets, as the program provides a valuable service for very low cost and offers additional benefits for advertisers. More established merchants may well want to wait to see how successful the program becomes before jumping in, keeping a close eye on the positioning of competitors’ ads who are using Checkout to see if their ads are getting a boost from consumers clicking through more frequently.”
  6. Performancing – Google Checkout, Too Little, Too Late?
    “There are no person to person features in this at all yet, and there isn’t even a great deal in this for ecommerce transaction competitors such as Worldpay to be worried. Had any other company announced it, even Microsoft I think it would have been met with yawns. If you want to sell digital products off your blog and you participate in Adwords advertising it will be worth giving the service a look over, transaction fees can take a bite out of your profits. Anyone else, well, this is not the service we were looking for.”
  7. PostBubble – Checking out Google Checkout
    “The bigger picture here is that this is setting up a battlefront for things like CBG. Google wants to control and they are beginning to pick their battles. We are seeing the directions Google is going and they are aiming to control markets in a step by step fashion with little moves like Google Checkout.”
  8. Make You Go Hmm – Google Checkout worth checking out
    “For buyers, the only bad thing I can see is concerns over possible transaction privacy. Will Google use our buying history to show us more targeted ads? Amazon is the king at this strategy, so it wouldn’t surprise me but I can see some people being worried.”
  9. Mathew Ingram – Google Checkout — future of micro-payments?
    “It’s not out of the realm of possibility that Google Checkout could become the fast and easy micro-payment system that many Web-heads have been anticipating for so many years.”
  10. O’Reily XML Blog – Google Checkout API
    “Along with Checkout API Google also released Order Processing API, Notifications API and Merchant Calculations API to support the order processing features so you can move an order through the fulfillment cycle: capturing the payment, marking the order delivered, and so on.”

The O’Reily post is the most interesting to me from a technical standpoint, so I threw it in at the number 10 spot. I will be exploring the API shortly myself and am interested to see its possibilities.

Sorry I would post the other gazillion links, but you might as well head over to Technorati to see what the rest of the blogosphere is saying.

Oh yeah, almost forgot to put in my thought on this whole thing. A very interesting, yet not so unpredictable move by Google. Hmmm, well still too early to for me to make any serious remarks. But Google having my credit card information, makes me scared… Wait they already have it… Probably along with logs of everything else I have done over the past several years of my life.

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  • Steve

    have you noticed the trend? everything that Google does is hyped so much and predicted to be a killer of this and that. In reality, it turns out that Google mostly fails to gain ground in everything they do except for search. It’s a one trick company (although a good one)

    The outcome of this will be that PayPal will become even better and Yahoo and probably MSN will try to follow Google and incorporate payments into thier search. Yahoo already signed up with PayPal and I doubt that MSN will try to develop payment system (they are much more likely to use dominant PayPal). In terms of market share, Yahoo search MSN search is just a little bit under Google. But if Yahoo incorporates PayPal into their search, I see this as a very good reason for millions of loyal PayPal users give preference to Yahoo search. I will defenetly switch back to Yahoo search from Google if I can see there who accepts PayPal.

    As for me, I checked out Google checkout and since I am a rather heavy PayPal user, I absolutely see nothing atractive about Google payments. PayPal is incomparably more complete solution and is accepted at over 150K merchants off ebay and several millions on ebay. Google has what? mere 100.

    On a conceptual level, Google plans seem big and encompassing, but that does not translate into killing everyone everywhere – like I said above Google mostly failed to be known to average guy as something more than just a searchbox.

  • Ja

    I have to agree with Steve and point out further that their main business is advertising (which lots of the other services enhance in various ways) but to most it’s just a search box. However, I think if they don’t start improving their search engine, they may find themselves ousted from that spot eventually and have no legitimate business for very long anymore. Hence all the scrambling trying to hook into actual ways to make money.

    I think Google Checkout is just part of a plan and isn’t necessarily aimed at Paypal or any other such service. They may start integrating it with their advertisement payments first and then come up with something like an auction or payment based service it needs to be exclusive to. If people need to use it for things like on demand google video or any exclusive service that they can generate enough interest in, they may be able to garner users. So basically I just see it as a step towards more internal revenue generating ventures.


    ps. I don’t really care one way or another… too bad that always occurs to me after I write comments. 😉

  • Marc Mezzacca

    Update guys-

    Tried Google checkout, read about it in this post.

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