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Don't Go Shopping Alone; It's Dangerous

Submitted by on November 18, 2006 – 1:33 amNo Comment

So you want to beat the crowd to get a Playstation 3?  You might be the one getting “beat” unless you’re “packin’ heat”.  I’m talking about getting pushed, beatup, mobbed, or even shot!

“Two armed thugs tried to rob a line of people waiting for the new PlayStation 3 game system to go on sale early Friday and shot one man who refused to give up his money,” authorities stated in an article posted on Yahoo News! a few hours ago. 

These were just innocent consumers waiting outside a local Wal-mart.  So who would do this criminal act for a video game console?  Well it isn’t just a gaming console anymore, it has turned into a very very hot commodity.

Yesterday this Yahoo! News article reported that “A buyer in Britain won an eBay auction for one of Sony’s newly launched PlayStation 3 game consoles with a bid of 15,100 dollars.”  What about the buy-it-now price for some of these auctions?  A cool $25 grand in cold hard US cash.

Where and when will the madness stop?

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